Monday, September 17, 2012

DayZ - Understanding the Red Broken Chain Link

As I excited the forest after an hour of  running through the wilderness, only having grass, trees and sky as company. “Behold, A town!” I cheered to no one in particular. I then jived as I then had spotted a grocery store near by. I mildly noticed a red icon broken chain link and also Zombie population is 6/6 but I didn't really think much about it.

As I crouch-ran to the grocery store, A zed spotted me. It then charged, so in response I fired my rifle, Another came around the corner and I noticed the zombie count had raised from 6 to 310 in my debug menu. As I downed the second zed, Zombies came poured from the grocery store, Behind buildings, from the fields all at me.

As I flee back into the mountains, I had realized that my red broken chain icon was gone.

What had happened was that my latency with the server was severed for a certain amount of time. Since I had ran into the town while I had the wonderful Red Chain of Death, the server didn't know my location, so it didn't populate the area with Zeds and loot but when the latency was re-established (or was strong enough connection) the server instantly spawned zeds and items around me.

My advice is to watch for yellow or red broken chain, So be careful when in probable zombie infested towns.

On public servers you will see this more than private servers. Although I have had where I went through 5 towns and was zed free.

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  1. Any difference between a broken and nonbroken chain?